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The employment discrimination legal team at LawPLA represents women and men who have been unfairly and illegally sexually harassed in the workplace, and will fight for your rights under both California and federal law to win full recovery and restoration of your rights. We are here to listen to your story, help provide you with options for legal recovery, and, should we decide to work together, aggressively pursue the justice you deserve under the law.
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What Is Sexual Harassment?

There are two general categories of sexual harassment in California, and both can for the basis of a successful sexual harassment lawsuit. The first type of sexual harassment is “quid pro quo” harassment, in which a co-worker or supervisor attempts to obtain sexual favors from a worker in exchange for benefits on the job. The other broad form of sexual harassment in California is “hostile work environment” sexual harassment. While quid pro quo sexual harassment often centers on one person’s unwanted sexual advances towards another employee, a hostile work environment claim does not have to involve sexual advances, and the offender may not even have sexual interest in the victim.

What You Can Expect from a Free Consultation

When you speak with a member of our employment discrimination, we will provide a safe space for you to fully explain your situation so that we can help you determine whether you indeed have a potential sexual harassment claim and what can be done about it. We will allow to tell your story while inquiring about facts relevant to your situation which can affect your ability to recovery, such as who committed the sexual harassment (e.g. a coworker or a supervisor), whether supervisors and administrators knew about the offending behavior, what was done in response to your concerns, and what retaliation you may have faced with relation to the harassment and any efforts you made to address it.

We will also provide you with an initial overview of what your legal options are for resolving the matter, what we can do on your behalf, other steps that will be necessary to gather more information and/or bring a claim on your behalf, and what relief you may be entitled to recover.
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